Regional genomic heritability mapping for agronomic traits in sugarcane

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P. M. P. VidigalLuiz A Peternelli


Background: The identification of genomic regions involved in agronomic traits is the primary concern for sugarcane breeders. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) leverage the sequence variations to bridge phenotypes and genotypes. However, their effectiveness is limited in species with high ploidy and large genomes, such as sugarcane. As an alternative, a regional heritability mapping (RHM) method can be used to capture genetic signals that may be missed by GWAS by combining genetic variance from neighboring regions. We used RHM to screen the sugarcane genome aiming to identify regions with higher heritability associated with agronomic traits. We considered percentage of fiber in sugarcane bagasse (FB), apparent percentage of sugarcane sucrose (PC), tonnes of pol per hectare (TPH), and tonnes of stalks per hectare (TSH). Methods: Sequence-capture data of 508 sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) clones from a breeding population under selection were processed for variant calling analysis using the sugarcane genome cultivar R570 as a reference. A set of 375,195 single nucleotide polymorphisms were selected after quality control. RHM was conducted by splitting the sugarcane genome into windows of 2 Mb length. Results: We selected the win...Continue Reading

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