DOI: 10.1101/508481Dec 31, 2018Paper

Duffy Antigen Expression in Erythroid Bone Marrow Precursor Cells of Genotypically Duffy Negative Individuals

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Celia DechavanneP A Zimmerman


The gene encoding the Duffy blood group protein (Fy, CD234; additional designations Duffy Antigen Receptor of Chemokines [DARC] and Atypical Chemokine Receptor 1 [ACKR1]) is characterized by a SNP in a GATA-1 transcription factor binding site associated with the erythrocyte silent (ES) phenotype. FYES homozygous people are viewed to be highly resistant to blood stage infection with Plasmodium vivax . Increasingly, however, studies are reporting P. vivax infections in Fy-negative individuals across malarious African countries where FYES approaches genetic fixation. This suggests that P. vivax has evolved a Fy-independent RBC invasion pathway, or that the GATA-1 SNP does not abolish Fy expression. Here, we tested the second hypothesis through binding studies to erythroid lineage cells using recombinant P. vivax Duffy binding protein, the parasite invasion ligand and Fy6-specific antibodies. We first observed variable Fy expression on circulating RBCs, irrespective of FY genotype; FYES RBCs were periodically Fy-positive. Furthermore, during the in vitro erythroid differentiation of CD34+ cells and on ex vivo bone marrow samples, we observed Fy expression on erythroid precursor cells from FYES people. Finally, the Fy6-specific nano...Continue Reading

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