PMID: 22128270Dec 1, 2011

Dural scoring: an assistance technique for primary dural closure at craniotomy

No shinkei geka. Neurological surgery
Satoru ShimizuKiyotaka Fujii


At craniotomy the dura shrinks due to the drying effect of illumination and air exposure, rendering primary closure of this tissue difficult. We have developed a new technique, "dural scoring", that facilitates primary dural closure. We used this technique in adults who underwent craniotomy when we encountered difficulties with primary dural closure of openings less than 5 mm in width. We placed scores along the edge of the opening on the surface of the dura (periosteal dura), taking care not to perforate the deep layer (meningeal dura). The dura relieved of tension expanded enough to be closed with sutures. This technique was successful in achieving primary dural closure in 53 patients who primarily underwent small supratentorial craniotomies. There were no procedure-related complications, e. g. cerebrospinal fluid leakages. Dural scoring is simple, requires no special instrumentation, and facilitates primary dural closure.

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