DOI: 10.1101/478495Nov 27, 2018Paper

Dynamic brain interactions during picture naming

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Aram Giahi SaravaniXaq Pitkow


Brain computations involve multiple processes by which sensory information is encoded and transformed to drive behavior. These computations are thought to be mediated by dynamic interactions between populations of neurons. Here we demonstrate that human brains exhibit a reliable sequence of neural interactions during speech production. We use an autoregressive hidden Markov model to identify dynamical network states exhibited by electrocorticographic signals recorded from human neurosurgical patients. Our method resolves dynamic latent network states on a trial-by-trial basis. We characterize individual network states according to the patterns of directional information flow between cortical regions of interest. These network states occur consistently and in a specific, interpretable sequence across trials and subjects: a fixed-length visual processing state is followed by a variable-length language state, and then by a terminal articulation state. This empirical evidence validates classical psycholinguistic theories that have posited such intermediate states during speaking. It further reveals these state dynamics are not localized to one brain area or one sequence of areas, but are instead a network phenomenon.

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