Dynamic Graphical Models of Molecular Kinetics

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Simon Olsson, Frank Noe


Most current molecular dynamics simulation and analysis methods rely on the idea that the molecular system can be characterized by a single global state, e.g., a Markov State in a Markov State Model (MSM). In this approach, molecules can be extensively sampled and analyzed when they only possess a few metastable states, such as small to medium-sized proteins. However this approach breaks down in frustrated systems and in large protein assemblies, where the number of global meta-stable states may grow exponentially with the system size. Here, we introduce Dynamic Graphical Models (DGMs), which build upon the idea of Ising models, and describe molecules as assemblies of coupled subsystems. The switching of each sub-system state is only governed by the states of itself and its neighbors. DGMs need many fewer parameters than MSMs or other global-state models, in particular we do not need to observe all global system configurations to estimate them. Therefore, DGMs can predict new, previously unobserved, molecular configurations. Here, we demonstrate that DGMs can faithfully describe molecular thermodynamics and kinetics and predict previously unobserved metastable states for Ising models and protein simulations.

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