Jan 1, 1977

Early demonstration of experimental aludrin-induced myocardial damage by the stain according to Lie et al. (HBFP)

Experimentelle Pathologie
D Tausch, W Platt


Catecholamine-induced alterations of the myocardium were studied in 48 rats following a single subcutaneous injection of 40 mg Aludrin/kg body weight after different intervals following the injection by means of the HBFP stain described by LIE et al. (1971). As early as 5 minutes following application of Aludrin extensive areas with ischemic fuchsinorrhagic cells could be demonstrated. Six hours post injection a decrease in the extent of the alterations could be observed. Five weeks following the injection only small feathery strands of scar tissue could be found in the experimental animals as sequela of the effect of Aludrin. The stain according to LIE et al. (1971) employed by us allows earliest demonstration of (catecholamine-induced) ischemic alterations in the myocardium.

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