Effect of cyclosporin A treatment on the production of antibody in insulin-dependent (type I) diabetic patients

The Journal of Clinical Investigation
C BoitardJ F Bach


Anti-islet cell and anti-insulin antibody production was studies over a 12-mo period in 82 recently diagnosed diabetics randomly receiving either cyclosporin or placebo. Cyclosporin had only minimal effects on the production of anti-islet cell antibodies whether directed to islet cytoplasmic (immunofluorescence) or membrane (cytotoxicity assay) antigens even in patients undergoing remission. These data suggest that these antibodies do not play a major role in the pathogenesis of the disease particularly since their (irregular) presence is not predictive of the clinical response to cyclosporin. Conversely, cyclosporin completely suppressed the synthesis of antibodies elicited by exogenous insulin irrespective of the insulin doses received, and decreased the autoantibody production against thyroid antigens, indicating that cyclosporin has variable effects on antibody production against various antigens.


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