PMID: 6371115Feb 1, 1984

Effect of extracellular phosphate on Ca2+ and K+ fluxes in pancreatic islets

Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
P LebrunA Herchuelz


The idea that a lowering in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration may cause a decrease in K+ conductance in the pancreatic B-cell was tested by investigating the effect of a high extracellular phosphate concentration on 45Ca and 86Rb efflux from prelabelled rat pancreatic islets. Whether in the absence or presence of glucose, 20 mM phosphate tended to decrease 45Ca efflux. This effect was not suppressed in the absence of extracellular Ca2+, at least in glucose-deprived islets, suggesting that it may reflect a fall in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration. The administration of phosphate failed, however, to decrease 86Rb efflux from the islets. In the presence of extracellular Ca2+, 20 mM phosphate also failed to stimulate insulin release from islets perifused at low glucose concentration and inhibited insulin release stimulated by a high glucose concentration. These data indicate that the sequestration of Ca2+ in intracellular organelles and concomitant decrease in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration, as presumably provoked by a rise in extracellular phosphate concentration, is not sufficient to simulate the effect of glucose on K+ conductance.


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