PMID: 46840Jan 1, 1975

Effects of complement depletion in experimental chagas disease: immune lysis of virulent blood forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

Infection and Immunity
D B BudzkoF Kierszenbaum


In mice infected with virulent blood (trypomastigote) forms of Trypanosoma cruzi, complement depletion with cobra venom factor caused a marked exacerbation of the disease evidenced by significantly increased parasitemia levels and early mortality as compared with those of untreated infected animals. The effect was greater in mice receiving cobra venom factor on day 7 postinfection, i.e., at the time when the parasites had had time to localize and multiply in the tissues and appeared in the circulation in appreciable numbers. The possibility that complement participates in host defense against T. cruzi infection through a mechanism involving immune lysis was explored in vitro. T. cruzi trypomastigotes were found to undergo immune lysis in sera of patients with chronic Chagas' disease, in sera of immunized mice, and in solutions containing both immune mouse gamma globulin and a source of active complement. This phenomenon failed to take place either in the absence of complement or after complement inactivation by heat or utilizing complement inactivators. The lytic capacity of heated sera was restored by the addition of active complement to the system. During the immune lysis of T. cruzi blood forms, complement was activated in h...Continue Reading


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