Effects of indirect indicators of udder health on nutrient recovery and cheese yield traits in goat milk

Journal of Dairy Science
G StoccoG M Vacca


In dairy goats, very little is known about the effect of the 2 most important indirect indicators of udder health [somatic cell count (SCC) and total bacterial count (TBC)] on milk composition and cheese yield, and no information is available regarding the effects of lactose levels, pH, and NaCl content on the recovery of nutrients in the curd, cheese yield traits, and daily cheese yields. Because large differences exist among dairy species, conclusions from the most studied species (i.e., bovine) cannot be drawn for all types of dairy-producing animals. The aims of this study were to quantify, using milk samples from 560 dairy goats, the contemporary effects of a pool of udder health indirect indicators (lactose level, pH, SCC, TBC, and NaCl content) on the recovery of nutrients in the curd (%REC), cheese yield (%CY), and daily cheese yields (dCY). Cheese-making traits were analyzed using a mixed model, with parity, days in milk (DIM), lactose level, pH, SCC, TBC, and NaCl content as fixed effects, and farm, breed, glass tube, and animal as random effects. Results indicated that high levels of milk lactose were associated with reduced total solids recovery in the curd and lower cheese yields, because of the lower milk fat and ...Continue Reading


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