DOI: 10.1101/506071Jan 2, 2019Paper

Effects of partial, combined and total replacement of sodium chloride in beef sausage on microbial load, sensory acceptability and physical properties

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Olusegun D. O. Oshibanjo, Ikhimiukor O Odion


This study evaluates the effects of partial, combined or total replacement of NaCl on microbial load, sensory evaluation and physical properties of beef sausage. Beef sausage was prepared (g/100g: beef 65.0, corn flour 10.0, oil 10.0, soya bean, wet and dry spice 15.0). Sodium chloride (SC) was replaced with potassium chloride (PC), potassium lactate (PL) or calcium ascorbate (CA) at 25%, 50% and 100%, and then stored for 15 days in a factorial arrangement in complete randomized design. Sausages were subjected to microbial load, sensory evaluation and pH, cooking yield and cooking loss using standard procedure. Data were analysed using descriptive statistic and ANOVA at α0.05. The microbial load was generally lower. The pH increased with storage time. The cooking yield was significantly higher in salt combination of 50% SC and CA each at storage day 5 with least cooking loss at same storage day. The most preferred sausage colour was obtained with a salt combination of 50% SC and CA each with least colour in a salt combination of 50% SC, 25% PL and). In tenderness, a salt combination of 50% of both SC and CA was significantly tender with least tenderness in 100% PL total replacement. The panelists rated salt combination of 50% S...Continue Reading

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Sodium Chloride
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Calcium ascorbate
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