DOI: 10.1101/504183Dec 21, 2018Paper

Embedding the Skin Conductance Response into the Brain Connectivity Framework: Monoaminergic Signaling Visible Through the Lenses of Computational Modeling

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Saša Brankovi?


Relying on evidence for the functional, neurochemical, and spectral parallelism between the late event-related potentials, delta oscillatory brain responses, and the skin conductance response (SCR) system the hypotheses about the existence of the SCR-related brain oscillations and their connectivity with the SCR system have been here suggested. In contrast to classical approach to event-related oscillations which relies on either stimulus- or response-locked time reference, an approach assigned as "oscillatory process-related oscillations" has been introduced. The method enables us to overcome the variability of latency period of the SCR. The hypothesis about the existence of the SCR-related brain oscillations and their delta nature has been confirmed through the grand averaging method. An unexpected finding was the complex nature of the SCR-related oscillations: in addition to the two second EEG segment which was correlated with the SCR system signals they also comprised an initial 200 ms segment uncorrelated with the SCR. The hypothesis about the connectivity between the SCR system and the respective delta brain oscillatory response has been operationalized through a multiple time series regression model. The predictor set co...Continue Reading

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