Nov 1, 1992

Endothelial cells interact with the core protein of basement membrane perlecan through beta 1 and beta 3 integrins: an adhesion modulated by glycosaminoglycan

The Journal of Cell Biology
K HayashiP D Yurchenco


Aortic endothelial cells adhere to the core protein of murine perlecan, a heparan sulfate proteoglycan present in endothelial basement membrane. We found that cell adhesion was partially inhibited by beta 1 integrin-specific mAb and almost completely blocked by a mixture of beta 1 and alpha v beta 3 antibodies. Furthermore, adhesion was partially inhibited by a synthetic peptide containing the perlecan domain III sequence LPASFRGDKVTSY (c-RGD) as well as by GRGDSP, but not by GRGESP. Both antibodies contributed to the inhibition of cell adhesion to immobilized c-RGD whereas only beta 1-specific antibody blocked residual cell adhesion to proteoglycan core in the presence of maximally inhibiting concentrations of soluble RGD peptide. A fraction of endothelial surface-labeled detergent lysate bound to a core affinity column and 147-, 116-, and 85-kD proteins were eluted with NaCl and EDTA. Polyclonal anti-beta 1 and anti-beta 3 integrin antibodies immunoprecipitated 116/147 and 85/147 kD surface-labeled complexes, respectively. Cell adhesion to perlecan was low compared to perlecan core, and cell adhesion to core, but not to immobilized c-RGD, was selectively inhibited by soluble heparin and heparan sulfates. This inhibition by he...Continue Reading

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