Nov 13, 2019

Epithelial Vegfa specifies a distinct endothelial population in the mouse lung

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Lisandra Vila EllisJichao Chen


The lung microvasculature is essential for gas exchange and commonly considered homogeneous. We show that VEGFA from the epithelium is required for a distinct endothelial cell (EC) population in the mouse lung. Vegfa is predominantly expressed by alveolar type 1 (AT1) cells and locally required to specify a subset of ECs. Single cell RNA-seq reveals that ~15% of lung ECs are transcriptionally distinct - marked by Carbonic anhydrase 4 (Car4) - and arise from bulk ECs, as suggested by trajectory analysis. Car4 ECs have extensive cellular projections and are separated from AT1 cells by a limited basement membrane without intervening pericytes. Car4 ECs are specifically lost upon epithelial Vegfa deletion; without Car4 ECs, the alveolar space is aberrantly enlarged despite the normal appearance of myofibroblasts. Lung Car4 ECs and retina tip ECs have common and distinct features. These findings support a signaling role of AT1 cells and shed light on alveologenesis.

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