Jul 1, 1964


The Journal of General Physiology
G F Springer, R E Horton


Human and chicken erythrocytes are readily coated in vitro by blood group active protein-lipopolysaccharides and lipopolysaccharides from E. coli O(86) and E. coli O(128). Serum albumin, alpha(2)- and beta-lipoproteins inhibit this sensitization. Blood group B specific agglutination of erythrocytes with B or B-like antigens was obtained with antibodies purified by adsorption on and elution from B erythrocytes. Anti-blood group B and E. coli O(86)-specific antibodies could be eluted from E. coli O(86)-coated O erythrocytes. Eel anti-H(O) serum agglutinated O erythrocytes and only those A(1)B red cells which were coated with blood group H(O) active E. coli products. Blood group active substances specifically inhibited agglutination of lipopolysaccharide-coated erythrocytes by anti-B and anti-H(O) agglutinins. Demonstrable amounts of lipopolysaccharide could only be removed from coated erythrocytes by washing them at elevated temperatures (58 degrees C) in physiological solutions. Red cell sensitization with B active E. coli O(86) substances was achieved in vivo in a minority of severely diseased infants and in germ-free and ordinary chicks which were in tourniquet shock after treatment with cathartics. Therefore, a possible mode ...Continue Reading

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Serum Albumin Measurement
Hemagglutination Inhibition Tests
Alkalescens-Dispar Group
Medical Research Activity
Sample Fixation
Antigens, Bacterial
Blood group antibody B
Observation Method - Agglutination

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