DOI: 10.1101/19010447Oct 29, 2019Paper

Establishing Cutoffs for Streptococcal Antibody Titers in Uganda: Implications for Rheumatic Fever Diagnosis

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E. OkelloA. Beaton


Background Central to rheumatic fever (RF) diagnosis is evidence of streptococcal exposure, specifically antistreptolysin O (ASO) and antideoxyribonuclease B (ADB) antibodies. It is unknown if these antibody titers should be adjusted to the background exposure rates of GAS or if published standards should be used. Here, we establish the normal values of ASO and ADB in Uganda and examine RF case detection using published vs. population-specific thresholds. Methods Participants (age 0-50 years) were recruited. ASO was measured in-country by nephelometric technique. ADB samples were sent to Australia (PathWest) for ADB determination by enzyme inhibition assay, andthe 80% upper limit values by age were established. The published standard values for ASO (200IU/ml) and ADB (375IU/ml) were compared to the Ugandan 80% upper limit of normal values (ULN) for RF case detection in children 5-15 years. Findings Of the 428 participants, 16 were excluded from analysis (9 sore throat, 1 skin sores, 5 fever, 4 echocardiograms showing occult RHD), and 183 of the remaining were children 5-15 years. The median ASO titer in this age group was 220 IU/ml, with the 80th percentile value of 389 IU/ml. The median ADB titer in this age group was 375 IU/m...Continue Reading

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