DOI: 10.1101/483818Nov 30, 2018Paper

Exploring differentially expressed key genes related to development of follicle by RNA-seq in Peking ducks (Anas Platyrhynchos)

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Jindong RenLizhi Lu


Duck follicle enter different reproductive phases throughout life, and follicle gene expression patterns differ according to these phases. In particular, differentially expressed genes and related to development of follicle (mRNAs) play an important role to explore the key genes in this process; however, the expression profiles of these genes remain unclear. In this study, transcriptome sequencing was used to investigate the expression levels of duck ovarian genes, and comparative transcriptional analysis was carried out to identify differential genes, cluster them into groups and function identification. The results showed differential expression of 593 coding genes between young and laying ducks, and of 518 coding genes between laying and old ducks. In further GO analysis, 35 genes from the comparison bewtween old ducks and laying ducks have significant been changed involved in hormones related to follicle development. They include up-regulated genes StAR, CYP17, EPOX, 3β-HSD, CYP1B1 CYP19A1 and down-regulated genes SR-B1 in laying ducks hormone synthesis than old ducks. Among which EPOX is a key gene for time special highly expression during egg laying stage, and other key regulatory genes’ highly expression showed in young ...Continue Reading

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