Jan 10, 2018

Exploring Viral Diversity in a Unique South African Soil Habitat

Scientific Reports
Jane SegobolaDon A Cowan


The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve in the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa is known for its unique plant biodiversity. The potential presence of unique microbial and viral biodiversity associated with this unique plant biodiversity led us to explore the fynbos soil using metaviromic techniques. In this study, metaviromes of a soil community from the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve has been characterised in detail for the first time. Metaviromic DNA was recovered from soil and sequenced by Next Generation Sequencing. The MetaVir, MG-RAST and VIROME bioinformatics pipelines were used to analyse taxonomic composition, phylogenetic and functional assessments of the sequences. Taxonomic composition revealed members of the order Caudovirales, in particular the family Siphoviridae, as prevalent in the soil samples and other compared viromes. Functional analysis and other metaviromes showed a relatively high frequency of phage-related and structural proteins. Phylogenetic analysis of PolB, PolB2, terL and T7gp17 genes indicated that many viral sequences are closely related to the order Caudovirales, while the remainder were distinct from known isolates. The use of single virome which only includes double stranded DNA viruses limits this st...Continue Reading

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