Apr 8, 2020

On the role of transcription in positioning nucleosomes

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Z. Jiang, Bin Zhang


Nucleosome positioning is crucial for the genome's function. Though the role of DNA sequence in positioning nucleosomes is well understood, a unified framework for studying the impact of transcription remains lacking. Using numerical simulations, we investigated the dependence of nucleosome density profiles on transcription level across multiple species. We found that the low nucleosome affinity of yeast, but not mouse, promoters contributes to the formation of phased nucleosomes arrays for inactive genes. For the active genes, a tug-of-war between two types of remodeling enzymes is essential for reproducing their density profiles. In particular, while ISW2 related enzymes are known to position the +1 nucleosome and align it toward the transcription start site (TSS), enzymes such as ISW1 that use a pair of nucleosomes as their substrate can shift the nucleosome array away from the TSS. Competition between these enzymes results in two types of nucleosome density profiles with well- and ill-positioned +1 nucleosome. Finally, we showed that Pol II assisted histone exchange, if occurring at a fast speed, can abolish the impact of remodeling enzymes. By elucidating the role of individual factors, our study reconciles the seemingly c...Continue Reading

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