PMID: 45858Jan 1, 1975

Expression of specific clones during B cell development

Federation Proceedings
N R Klinman, J L Press


The expression of DNP- and TNP-specific B cells in spleens of neonatal BALB/c mice was analyzed by the in vitro splenic focus technique. B cells of these specificities were found to be present in slightly higher frequency in neonatal than in adult spleens. The parameters of stimulation of neonatal B cells were similar to those of adult B cells but the antibody-forming cell progeny of neonatal B cells produce predominantly gammaM rather than gammaG antibody and produce less antibody than the progeny of adult B cells. Isoelectric focusing analyses of monoclonal antibodies derived from neonatal B cells stimulated in vitro with DNP or TNP revealed that over 90 per cent of the antibodies could be identified as belonging to one of six predominant clonotypes, three specific for DNP and three for TNP. While individual neonates rarely expressed all of the predominant clonotypes, B cells of each of the six clonotypes were found in several donors. When B cells of a given predominant clonotype were present in an individual many such B cells could be found and in many cases the entire DNP- or TNP-specific B cell population of an individual could be accounted for by B cells of a single clonotype. These findings are discussed in terms of the ...Continue Reading

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