Expression of the plant sulphite reductase in cell suspension cultures from Catharanthus roseus L

J D Schwenn, A Kemena


Sulphur-heterotrophic growth exhibited a dual response to the expression of sulphate-assimilating enzymes. The level of ATP-sulphurylase (EC appeared "repressed" while sulphite reductase (EC and O-acetyl-L-serine sulphhydrylase (EC were "derepressed" and coordinated in their occurrence. The capability of the cells to reduce adenylylphosphosulphate or 3'-phospho adenylylphosphosulphate to cysteine coincided with the activity of sulphite reductase. The expression of these reducing steps lacked correlation with the regulation of ATP-sulphurylase.


Nov 1, 1980·Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America·Z ReuvenyP M Trinity

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