DOI: 10.1101/504126Dec 21, 2018Paper

Extensive recombination suppression and chromosome-wide differentiation of a segregation distorter in Drosophila

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Zachary L. FullerNitin Phadnis


Segregation distorters violate Mendelian Inheritance by over-representing themselves in the progeny of carrier individuals and are commonly associated with chromosomal inversions. When distorting alleles are found on sex chromosomes, the progeny of carrier individuals will exhibit skewed sex ratios, as exemplified by the array of Sex-Ratio ( SR ) distorting chromosomes found in Drosophila. Because of the strong selective pressures such chromosomes are thought to inflict on genomes, segregation distorters and their associated inversions are expected to experience rapid turn-over. However, the SR X-chromosome of Drosophila pseudoobscura is found at high frequencies in natural populations, forms stable latitudinal clines, appears to be unsuppressed, and shows evidence of being quite long-lived. Despite being a historically significant and well-studied segregation distortion system, the mechanisms allowing for the long-term persistence of the D. pseudoobscura SR chromosome remain unclear. Here, we perform a comparative genomic analysis between SR and uninverted standard X-chromosomes in D. pseudoobscura to study its evolutionary history and dynamics. We find a substantial level of differentiation between the SR and standard chromos...Continue Reading

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