PMID: 3069534Sep 1, 1988

Factors influencing the magnitude, duration, and rate of fall of B-cell function in type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetic children followed for two years from their clinical diagnosis

Måna WallensteenB Thalme


The pattern of fall in B-cell function measured as plasma and 24 h urinary C-peptide excretion, as well as levels of islet cell antibodies, insulin antibodies and metabolic parameters, were followed for two years in 39 children aged 1-17 years prospectively from clinical onset of Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes. At onset 32/36 patients had measurable plasma C-peptide (median 0.13 nmol/l). Maximum values of fasting and postprandial plasma C-peptide were reached at a median duration of three months. Thereafter both plasma and urinary C-peptide declined linearly. The median value of the rate of fall in postprandial plasma C-peptide was 0.019 nmol.1-1.month-1. Age at onset was positively correlated to the maximum value of postprandial plasma C-peptide in each patient (rs = 0.57, p = 0.0001) and throughout the observation time positively correlated to fasting and postprandial C-peptide and to the 24 h urinary C-peptide excretion (rs range 0.35-0.70, p = 0.03-0.0001). The rate of fall of postprandial C-peptide was unrelated to age at onset and was strikingly parallel in different age groups. Islet cell antibodies were present in 87% of the patients at onset and decreased to 38% at 24 months. Islet cell antibody titres were not co...Continue Reading


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