DOI: 10.1101/482059Nov 29, 2018Paper

FDA-ARGOS: A Public Quality-Controlled Genome Database Resource for Infectious Disease Sequencing Diagnostics and Regulatory Science Research

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Heike SichtigUwe Scherf


Infectious disease next generation sequencing (ID-NGS) diagnostics are on the cusp of revolutionizing the clinical market. To facilitate this transition, FDA proactively invested in tools to support innovation of emerging technologies. FDA and collaborators established a publicly available database, FDA dAtabase for Regulatory-Grade micrObial Sequences (FDA-ARGOS), as a tool to fill reference database gaps with quality-controlled genomes. This manuscript discusses quality control metrics for the proposed FDA-ARGOS genomic resource and outlines the need for quality-controlled genome gap filling in the public domain. Here, we also present three case studies showcasing potential applications for FDA-ARGOS in infectious disease diagnostics, specifically: assay design, reference database and in silico sequence comparison in combination with representative microbial organism wet lab testing; a novel composite validation strategy for ID-NGS diagnostics. The use of FDA-ARGOS as an in silico comparator tool could reduce the burden for completing ID-NGS clinical trials. In addition, use cases identifying Enterococcus avium and Ebola virus (Zaire ebolavirus variant Makona) demonstrate the utility of FDA-ARGOS as a reference database for i...Continue Reading

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