PMID: 109440Jul 10, 1979

Formation of intermolecular disulfide bonds on nascent immunoglobulin polypeptides.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
L W Bergman, W M Kuehl


The initial step of intermolecular covalent assembly of immunoglobulins molecules involves formation of heavy chain-light chain or heavy chain-heavy chain disulfide bonds. Using QAE-Sephadex chromatography to isolate microsomal nascent polypeptides, we have shown that this initial step of intermolecular covalent assembly occurs, to a substantial extent, on nascent heavy chains, as well as on completed heavy chains as previously demonstrated by others. In MPC 11 mouse myeloma cells, completed light chains are assembled covalently to nascent heavy chains, whereas in MOPC 21 mouse myeloma cells, completed heavy chains are assembled covalently to nascent heavy chains. These results are consisted with the heavy-light half-molecule being the major initial intermediate in the assembly of MPC 11 IgG2b and heavy-heavy dimer being the major initial intermediate formed in assembly of MOPC 21 IgG1. The nascent MPC 11 heavy chain must be at least 38,000 daltons in size before assembly with the light chain occurs, even though the heavy chain cysteine involved in this disulfide bond is 131 residues (approximately 15,000 daltons) from the NH2 terminus. In addition, pulse-chase labeling studies of MPC 11 cells have shown that the assembly of co...Continue Reading

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