Mar 31, 2020

Fragmentation of Small-cell Lung Cancer Regulatory States in Heterotypic Microenvironments

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D. SchaffKevin Janes


Small-cell lung cancers derive from pulmonary neuroendocrine cells, which have stem-like properties to reprogram into other cell types upon lung injury. It is difficult to uncouple the plasticity of these transformed cells from heritable changes that evolve in primary tumors or select in metastases to distant organs. Approaches to single-cell profiling are also problematic if the required sample dissociation activates injury-like signaling and reprogramming. Here, we defined cell-state heterogeneities in situ through laser capture microdissection-based 10-cell transcriptomics coupled with stochastic-profiling fluctuation analysis. Using labeled cells from a small-cell lung cancer mouse model initiated by neuroendocrine deletion of p53 and Rb, we profiled cell-to-cell transcriptional-regulatory heterogeneity in spheroid cultures and liver colonies seeded intravenously. Fluctuating transcripts in vitro were partly shared with other epithelial-spheroid models, and candidate heterogeneities increased considerably when cells were delivered to the liver. Colonization of immunocompromised animals drove the fractional appearance of alveolar type II-like markers and poised cells for paracrine stimulation from immune cells and hepatocyte...Continue Reading

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