Mar 15, 2012

Framework for assessing quality of care for inflammatory bowel disease in Sweden

World Journal of Gastroenterology : WJG
Martin RejlerBoel Andersson Gäre


To create and apply a framework for quality assessment and improvement in care for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. A framework for quality assessment and improvement was created for IBD based on two generally acknowledged quality models. The model of Donabedian (Df) offers a logistical and productive perspective and the Clinical Value Compass (CVC) model adds a management and service perspective. The framework creates a pedagogical tool to understand the balance between the dimensions of clinical care (CVC) and the components of clinical outcome (Df). The merged models create a framework of the care process dimensions as a whole, reflecting important parts of the IBD care delivery system in a local setting. Clinical and organizational quality measures were adopted from clinical experience and the literature and were integrated into the framework. Data were collected at the yearly check-up for 481 IBD patients during 2008. The application of the quality assessment framework was tested and evaluated in a local clinical IBD care setting in Jönköping County, Sweden. The main outcome was the presentation of how locally-selected clinical quality measures, integrated into two complementary models to develop a framework, cou...Continue Reading

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