DOI: 10.1101/455857Oct 29, 2018Paper

Frequency- and area-specific entrainment of intrinsic cortical oscillations by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

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Y. O. OkazakiKeiichi Kitajo


Neural oscillations are ubiquitous throughout the cortex, but the frequency of oscillations differs from area to area. To elucidate the mechanistic architectures establishing various rhythmic activities, we tested whether spontaneous neural oscillations in different cortical modules can be entrained by direct perturbation with distinct frequencies of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). While recording the electroencephalogram (EEG), we applied single-pulse TMS (sTMS) and repetitive TMS (rTMS) at 5, 11, and 23 Hz to motor or visual cortex. To assess entrainment, defined as phase locking of intrinsic oscillations to periodic external force , we examined local and global modulation of the phase-locking factor (PLF). sTMS triggered transient phase locking in a wide frequency band with distinct PLF peaks at 21 Hz in the motor cortex and 8 Hz in the visual cortex. With TMS pulse trains of 11 Hz over visual cortex and 23 Hz over motor cortex, phase locking was progressively enhanced at the stimulation frequency and lasted for a few cycles after the stimulation terminated. Moreover, such local entrainment propagated to other cortical regions, suggesting that rTMS entrained intrinsic neural oscillations locally and globally via net...Continue Reading

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