PMID: 479476Oct 1, 1979

Further characterization and biologic activity of ragweed antigen--induced neutrophil chemotactic activity in man

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
P C AtkinsF Rosenblum


We have previously described the appearance in serum of increased neutrophil chemotactic activity (NCA) during bronchospasm induced by inhalation of ragweed antigen in ragweed-sensitive subjects. This NCA is non-complement derived, appears within 1 min after antigen inhalation, and is not seen after methacholine-induced bronchospasm. This article describes further characterization of this chemotactic activity and correlation with in vivo leukocytosis. NCA consistently eluted in the void volume (fraction I) after Sephadex G-150 chromatography of patient serum obtained 10 min postchallenge. Fraction I contained 94% of the NCA of postchallenge whole serum. Both postchallenge whole serum and fraction I deactivated neutrophils to autologous chemoattractants and complement-derived chemotactic factors, but not serum-independent chemotactic factors. NCA was chemotactic for neither human nor guinea pig eosinophils, nor for human mononuclear cells. A significant increase of circulating neutrophils was seen only after antigen-induced bronchospasm and correlated with the increase in NCA. Thus, NCA represents another inflammatory mediator of probable mast cell origin that may explain, at least partially, the accumulation of neutrophils obse...Continue Reading


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