G-quadruplex prediction in E.coli genome reveals a conserved putative G-quadruplex-Hairpin-Duplex switch

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Osman DolucaNezih Hekim


Many studies show that short non-coding sequences are widely conserved among regulatory elements. More and more conserved sequences are being discovered since the development next generation sequencing technology. The common approach to identify conserved sequences with regulatory roles rely on the topological change such as hairpin formation on the DNA or RNA level. However G quadruplexes, a non-canonical nucleic acid topology with little established biological role, is rarely considered for conserved regulatory element discovery. Here we present the use of G-quadruplex prediction algorithm to identify putative G-quadruplex-forming and conserved elements in E.coli genome. Phylogenetic analysis of 52 G-quadruplex forming sequences revealed two conserved G-quadruplex motifs with potential regulatory role.

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Conserved Sequence
Hairpin Loop Sequence
Phylogenetic Analysis
Massively-Parallel Sequencing
Molecular Genetic Technique
Nucleic Acids

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