Jan 1, 1985

Genetic factors affecting hearing development

Acta Oto-laryngologica. Supplementum
K P Steel, G R Bock


Both genetic background and single gene mutations may affect the development of the auditory system. A classification system is presented for those single gene mutations causing hearing impairment. The new feature of this classification is the inclusion of a category for hereditary deafness of central origin. The other categories involve peripheral abnormalities and are: morphogenetic defects, in which the overall structure of the labyrinth is deformed; neuroepithelial degeneration, in which the primary defect appears to occur in the organ of Corti; and cochleo-saccular degeneration, where the stria vascularis is abnormal and Reissner's membrane collapses, leading to further degeneration.

Mentioned in this Paper

Sensory Deprivation
Abnormal Degeneration
Entire Labyrinth
Rats, Gunn
Embryonic Induction
Nerve Degeneration
Entire Auditory System
Gene Mutation
Thyroid Hormone Plasma Membrane Transport Defect

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