DOI: 10.1101/485623Dec 3, 2018Paper

Genetic interactions among Ghd7, Ghd7.1, Ghd8 and Hd1 contribute to large variation in heading date in rice

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Yongzhong XingZhongmin Han


Several major heading date genes are sensitive to photoperiod and jointly regulate heading date in rice. However, it is not clear how these genes coordinate rice heading. In this study, a near-isogenic F2 population with Ghd7 , Ghd7.1 , Ghd8 and Hd1 segregating in the Zhenshan 97 (ZS97) background was used to evaluate the genetic interactions among these four genes under natural long-day (NLD) and natural short-day (NSD) conditions, and a series of Ghd7.1 -segregating populations in different backgrounds were developed to estimate the genetic effects of Ghd7.1 on heading date under both conditions. Tetragenic, trigenic and digenic interactions among these four genes were observed under both conditions. In the functional Hd1 backgrounds, the strongest digenic interaction was Ghd7 by Ghd8 under NLD conditions but was Ghd7 by Ghd7.1 under NSD conditions. Interestingly, Ghd7.1 acted as a flowering suppressor under NLD conditions, while it functioned alternatively as an activator or a suppressor under NSD conditions depending on the status of the other three genes. Based on the performances of 16 homozygous four-gene combinations, a positive correlation between heading date and yield was found under NSD conditions, but changed to a ...Continue Reading

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