Genome-wide characterization of RNA editing in chicken: lack of evidence for non-A-to-I events

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Laure FrésardFrédérique Pitel


RNA editing corresponds to a post-transcriptional nucleotide change in the RNA sequence, creating an alternative nucleotide, not present in the DNA sequence. This leads to a diversification of transcription products with potential functional consequences. Two nucleotide substitutions are mainly described in animals, from adenosine to inosine (A-to-I) and from cytidine to uridine (C-to-U). This phenomenon is more and more described in mammals, notably since the availability of next generation sequencing technologies allowing a whole genome screening of RNA-DNA differences. The number of studies recording RNA editing in other vertebrates like chicken are still limited. We chose to use high throughput sequencing technologies to search for RNA editing in chicken, to understand to what extent this phenomenon is conserved in vertebrates. We performed RNA and DNA sequencing from 8 embryos. Being aware of common pitfalls inherent to sequence analyses leading to false positive discovery, we stringently filtered our datasets and found less than 40 reliable candidates. Conservation of particular sites of RNA editing was attested by the presence of 3 edited sites previously detected in mammals. We then characterized editing levels for sel...Continue Reading

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