DOI: 10.1101/496976Dec 14, 2018Paper

Genome wide screen reveals a specific interaction between autosome and X that is essential for hybrid male sterility

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Zhongying ZhaoDongying Xie


Hybrid male progeny from interspecies cross are more prone to sterility or inviability than hybrid female progeny, and the male sterility and inviability often demonstrate a parent-of-origin asymmetry. However, the underlying mechanism of asymmetric sterility or inviability remains elusive. We previously established a genome-wide hybrid incompatibility (HI) landscape between Caenorhabditis briggsae and C. nigoni by phenotyping a large collection of C. nigoni strains each carrying a C. briggsae introgression. In this study, we investigate the genetic mechanism of asymmetric sterility and inviability in both hybrid male and female progeny between the two species. Specifically, we performed reciprocal crosses between C. briggsae and different C. nigoni strains that each carries a GFP-labeled C. briggsae genomic fragment referred to as introgression, and scored the HI phenotypes in the F1 progeny. The aggregated introgressions cover 94.6% of the C. briggsae genome, including 100% of the X chromosome. Surprisingly, we observed that two C. briggsae X fragments that produce C. nigoni male sterility as an introgression rescued hybrid F1 sterility in males fathered by C. briggsae, indicating that at least two separate X-autosome interac...Continue Reading

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