Genomes of novel Myxococcota reveal severely curtailed machineries for predation and cellular differentiation

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C. MurphyNoha H Youssef


Cultured Myxococcota are predominantly aerobic soil inhabitants, characterized by their highly coordinated predation and cellular differentiation capacities. Little is currently known regarding yet-uncultured Myxococcota from anaerobic, non-soil habitats. We analyzed genomes representing one novel order (o__JAFGXQ01) and one novel family (f__JAFGIB01) in the Myxococcota from an anoxic freshwater spring in Oklahoma, USA. Compared to their soil counterparts, anaerobic Myxococcota possess smaller genomes, and a smaller number of genes encoding biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs), peptidases, one- and two-component signal transduction systems, and transcriptional regulators. Detailed analysis of thirteen distinct pathways/processes crucial to predation and cellular differentiation revealed severely curtailed machineries, with the notable absence of homologs for key transcription factors (e.g. FruA and MrpC), outer membrane exchange receptor (TraA), and the majority of sporulation-specific and A-motility-specific genes. Further, machine-learning approaches based on a set of 634 genes informative of social lifestyle predicted a non-social behavior for Zodletone Myxococcota. Metabolically, Zodletone Myxococcota genomes lacked aerobic re...Continue Reading

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