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Genotype-matched Newcastle disease virus vaccine confers improved protection against genotype XII challenge: The importance of cytoplasmic tails in viral replication and vaccine design

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Ray Izquierdo-LaraVikram N Vakharia


Although typical Newcastle disease virus (NDV) vaccines can prevent mortality, they are not effective preventing viral shedding. To overcome this, genotype-matched vaccines have been proposed. To date, this approach has never been tested against genotype XII strains. In this study, we generated and assessed the protection against genotype XII challenge of two chimeric NDV vaccine strains (rLS1-XII-1 and rLS1-XII-2). The rLS1-XII-1 virus has the complete fusion protein (F) and the hemmaglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) open reading frames replaced with those from genotype XII strain NDV/peacock/Peru/2011 (PP2011) in a recombinant LaSota (rLS1) backbone. For rLS1-XII-2 cytoplasmic tails of F and HN proteins were restored to those of rLS1. In vitro studies showed that rLS1-XII-2 and the parental rLS1 strains replicate at higher efficiencies than rLS1-XII-1. In the first vaccine/challenge experiment, SPF chickens vaccinated with rLS1-XII-1 virus showed only 71.3% protection, whereas, rLS1 and rLS1-XII-2 vaccinated chickens were fully protected. In a second experiment, both rLS1-XII-2 and the commercial vaccine strain LaSota induced 100% protection. However, rLS1-XII-2 virus significantly reduced viral shedding, both in the number of shed...Continue Reading

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