DOI: 10.1101/457606Nov 1, 2018Paper

Gkmexplain: Fast and Accurate Interpretation of Nonlinear Gapped k-mer Support Vector Machines Using Integrated Gradients

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Avanti ShrikumarAnshul Kundaje


Support Vector Machines with gapped k-mer kernels (gkm-SVMs) have been used to learn predictive models of regulatory DNA sequence. However, interpreting predictive sequence patterns learned by gkm-SVMs can be challenging. Existing interpretation methods such as deltaSVM, in-silico mutagenesis (ISM), or SHAP either do not scale well or make limiting assumptions about the model that can produce misleading results when the gkm kernel is combined with nonlinear kernels. Here, we propose gkmexplain: a novel approach inspired by the method of Integrated Gradients for interpreting gkm-SVM models. Using simulated regulatory DNA sequences, we show that gkmexplain identifies predictive patterns with high accuracy while avoiding pitfalls of deltaSVM and ISM and being orders of magnitude more computationally efficient than SHAP. We use a novel motif discovery method called TF-MoDISco to recover consolidated TF motifs from gkm-SVM models of in vivo TF binding by aggregating predictive patterns identified by gkmexplain. Finally, we find that mutation impact scores derived through gkmexplain using gkm-SVM models of chromatin accessibility in lymphoblastoid cell-lines consistently outperform deltaSVM and ISM at identifying regulatory genetic v...Continue Reading

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