DOI: 10.1101/500843Dec 29, 2018Paper

Glioma cell migration in confined microchannels via a motor-clutch mechanism

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Louis S PrahlDavid J Odde


Glioma tumor dispersion involves invading cells escaping the tumor bulk and migrating into the healthy brain parenchyma. Here, they encounter linearly aligned track-like tissue structures such as axon bundles and the perivascular space. These environments also contain micrometer-scale pores that impose mechanical confinement on invading cells. To study glioma cell migration in an in vitro system that reproduces some of these features, we used microfluidic devices with 60 μm2 cross-sectional area channels that confine cells into one-dimensional (1D) tracks. Individual cell tracking revealed strongly persistent migration at a mean rate of 8.5 ± 0.33 nm s-1. Notably, a 1D computational cell migration simulator predicts migration behaviors of glioma cells without significant adjustment of parameters estimated from previous experiments on two-dimensional (2D) substrates. Pharmacological inhibitors of integrin-mediated adhesions, myosin II activation, or drugs targeting F-actin assembly or microtubule dynamics influence migration consistent with simulations where relevant parameters are changed. These results suggest that cell parameters calibrated to a motor-clutch model on 2D substrates effectively predict 1D confined migration beh...Continue Reading

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