DOI: 10.1101/007716Aug 8, 2014Paper

Growth of Primary and Lateral Roots of Vicia faba L. in the Solution of Calcium Sulfate

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Michael Pyshnov


The presence of calcium sulfate in cultivating solution prevents bacterial contamination, browning/lignification and the death of the roots. There is no need for surface sterilization of seeds. No other ingredients, beside calcium sulfate, are needed for the healthy growth of the primary and lateral roots. There is no need to change the solution for several weeks when up to 60 lateral roots per seed can appear. A modification of the two-stage growing technique where the seeds are first suspended in moist air over the cultivating solution to grow primary roots, and then, the primary roots are covered with the cultivating solution to grow lateral roots, was used. The hypothesis is put forward that primary roots actually need water as a liquid to expel air, as the air is probably preventing the appearance of lateral roots.

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