PMID: 6233824Jan 1, 1983

Heart weight in acute death caused by coronary disease

Zentralblatt für allgemeine Pathologie und pathologische Anatomie
A Hecht, D Löffler


In 487 men and 359 women with acute coronary death the average heart weight was estimated. This was related to the different kinds of acute death and chronic ischemic heart disease. Moreover, the hearts were classified according to three weight groups (less than 400 g, 400-499 g, greater than 499 g) and also related to the different kinds of acute coronary death and chronic ischemic heart disease. On the average, the heart weights in females were lower than in males. In 90% of all cases a heart weight of more than 400 g was characteristic. Pathologic hypertrophy of the heart was especially found in the group of men who died on recurrent myocardial infarction or acute coronary insufficiency with fibrosis of the heart muscle. A majority of men dying under the signs of instantaneous death also showed a pathologic hypertrophy of the heart muscle. In the female group heart weights between 400-499 dominated. The results are discussed.

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