PMID: 7891359Jan 1, 1995Paper

Heinz body formation associated with ketoacidosis in diabetic cats

Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
M M ChristopherM E Peterson


Oxidative damage plays an important role in the pathophysiology of diabetes and diabetic complications. Feline hemoglobin is uniquely susceptible to oxidative denaturation; therefore, Heinz body formation is a highly sensitive indicator of in vivo oxidative stress in this species. Heinz bodies also contribute to anemia. We investigated hematological and clinical biochemical changes in 30 cats with spontaneous diabetes mellitus (as compared to 15 healthy control cats) and evaluated the relationship of these changes to erythrocyte oxidative damage. Cats were categorized as ketoacidotic or nonketoacidotic based on their clinical presentation and the presence of urine ketones. Ketoacidotic cats had significantly (P = .0009) more Heinz bodies (28.3% +/- 9.1%) than nonketotic diabetic cats (6.5% +/- 1.60%) and healthy control cats (0.6% +/- 0.2%). Percent Heinz bodies in diabetic cats directly correlated with plasma beta-hydroxy-butyrate concentration (r = .622; P = .0002), as well as with serum chloride concentration (r = -0.576; P = 0.0009) and the number of monocytes (r = .536; P = .0023). Percent Heinz bodies were negatively correlated with erythrocyte glutathione concentrations. Erythrocyte membrane lipid peroxidation was slight...Continue Reading


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