Heme-thiolate haloperoxidases: versatile biocatalysts with biotechnological and environmental significance

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Martin Hofrichter, René Ullrich


Heme-thiolate haloperoxidases are undoubtedly the most versatile biocatalysts of the hemeprotein family and share catalytic properties with at least three further classes of heme-containing oxidoreductases, namely, classic plant and fungal peroxidases, cytochrome P450 monooxygenases, and catalases. For a long time, only one enzyme of this type--the chloroperoxidase (CPO) of the ascomycete Caldariomyces fumago--has been known. The enzyme is commercially available as a fine chemical and catalyzes the unspecific chlorination, bromination, and iodation (but no fluorination) of a variety of electrophilic organic substrates via hypohalous acid as actual halogenating agent. In the absence of halide, CPO resembles cytochrome P450s and epoxidizes and hydroxylates activated substrates such as organic sulfides and olefins; aromatic rings, however, are not susceptible to CPO-catalyzed oxygen-transfer. Recently, a second fungal haloperoxidase of the heme-thiolate type has been discovered in the agaric mushroom Agrocybe aegerita. The UV-Vis adsorption spectrum of the isolated enzyme shows little similarity to that of CPO but is almost identical to a resting-state P450. The Agrocybe aegerita peroxidase (AaP) has strong brominating as well as ...Continue Reading


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