Heterogeneity of Transcription Factor binding specificity models within and across cell lines

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Mahfuza SharminSridhar Hannenhalli


Complex gene expression patterns are mediated by binding of transcription factors (TF) to specific genomic loci. The in vivo occupancy of a TF is, in large part, determined by the TFs DNA binding interaction partners, motivating genomic context based models of TF occupancy. However, the approaches thus far have assumed a uniform binding model to explain genome wide bound sites for a TF in a cell-type and as such heterogeneity of TF occupancy models, and the extent to which binding rules underlying a TFs occupancy are shared across cell types, has not been investigated. Here, we develop an ensemble based approach (TRISECT) to identify heterogeneous binding rules of cell-type specific TF occupancy and analyze the inter-cell-type sharing of such rules. Comprehensive analysis of 23 TFs, each with ChIP-Seq data in 4-12 cell-types, shows that by explicitly capturing the heterogeneity of binding rules, TRISECT accurately identifies in vivo TF occupancy (93%) substantially improving upon previous methods. Importantly, many of the binding rules derived from individual cell-types are shared across cell-types and reveal distinct yet functionally coherent putative target genes in different cell-types. Closer inspection of the predicted cel...Continue Reading

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