Jul 1, 1977

Heterosensory interaction in neocortical neurons of the hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus

Zhurnal evoliutsionnoĭ biokhimii i fiziologii
A A Pirogov


Reactions of neurons in different areas have been investigated in the hedgehog cortex by means of the microelectrode technique. A wide dispersion of afferent inputs was shown over the whole neocortex, alongside with the existence of definite projection foci of appropriate modalities. In the specific projection zones the conditioning heterosensory stimulation did not influence the onset of the response of the testing specific stimulus. Blocking of responses was observed in the so-called "associative" area, irrespectively of the mode of the conditioning and testing stimulation. It is suggested that the onset of responses by the specific projection zones to other stimuli depends on the specific impulsation irradiation to the specific projection pathways. Reciprocal heterosensory blocking in the "associative" zone may indicate the existence of an integrative formation in the hedgehog thalamus, possessing its own projection to the neocortex.

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