High-speed 2D and 3D fluorescence microscopy of cardiac myocytes

Optics Express
Sunil KumarChris Dunsby


Oblique plane microscopy (OPM) is a light sheet microscopy technique that uses a single high numerical aperture microscope objective to both illuminate a tilted plane within the specimen and to obtain an image of the tilted illuminated plane. In this paper, we present a new OPM configuration that enables both the illumination and detection focal planes to be swept simultaneously and remotely through the sample volume, enabling high speed volumetric imaging. We demonstrate the high speed imaging capabilities of the system by imaging calcium dynamics in cardiac myocytes in 2D at 926 frames per second and in 3D at 21 volumes per second. In the future, higher frame rate CCD cameras will enable volumetric imaging at much greater rates, leading to new capabilities to study dynamic events in cells at high speeds in two and three dimensions.


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