Jul 1, 1989

Hippocampus: a target for estrogen action in mammalian brain

Molecular Endocrinology
A MaggiI Zucchi


An analysis of the distribution of estrogen receptor (ER) via immunoenzymatic assay in the brain of ovariectomized rats reveals the presence of large amounts of ER-like immunoreactive material in the cytosol of the hippocampus: a brain area described to contain little estrogen-binding activity. The protein detected in the hippocampus by the specific antibody is indistinguishable from the rat ER in its response to hormonal treatments and in its electrophoretic mobility. The presence of elevated amounts of ER in such an important part of the limbic system creates new possibilities for interpreting the role played by this sex hormone in the central nervous system of rat.

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Entire Limbic System
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