PMID: 45633Jan 1, 1977

Histochemical and biochemical investigations of adenosine triphosphatase in vertebrate mixed muscles

Acta histochemica. Supplementband
M A Khan, T O Kleine


Mammalian and avian muscles were examined histochemically and biochemically to determine the relative contribution of membrane bound (mitochondrial and sarcotubular) ATPases under the same conditions employed for myofibrillar ATPase. For histochemically investigated Ca+(+)-ATPase activity following incubation at pH 9.4 according to the calcium-citro-phosphate technique, avian muscle displayed distinct mitochondrial localization in both dark and light staining fibres. However, mitochondrial localization did not occur in mammalian muscle fibres. Pretreatment of unfixed frozen sections with ouabain, cyanide and acetone did not prevent the reticular distribution in avian muscle fibres. The present study demonstrates that "myofibrillar" localization is achieved by the Ca+(+)-precipitation technique: provided frozen sections are pretreated with cold acetone, fixed in a fixative containing oligomycin or azide and then incubated in a medium containing glycine-NaO H as buffer. Mitochondria prepared by successive mechanical homogenization or by Nagarse treatment plus 2 min homogenization develop different ATPase activities at pH 9.4 7.4 6.0 and 4.35 as well as stimulation by 70 mM Ca++ at these pHs compared to those ATPase activities in ...Continue Reading

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