May 29, 2003

History of anorexia nervosa in bulimic patients: its influence on body composition

The International Journal of Eating Disorders
Francisco J VazEva M Peñas-Lledó


To analyze the body composition of a group of patients fulfilling DSM-IV criteria for bulimia nervosa (BN), comparing the patients who had a history of DSM-IV anorexia nervosa (AN) with those without such a history to determine (1) whether both groups differed in terms of body composition and (2) whether the differences between groups could be the consequence of the past condition. The sample consisted of 104 patients, 43 with prior AN (BN-AN group) and 61 without a history of AN (BN-nonAN). The patients were assessed using anthropometric and bioelectrical methods: height and weight, body circumferences, abdominal diameter, skinfold thickness, and body impedance analysis. In a later phase and to test the influence of current low weight on the results, two experimental groups were created: the first group was composed of the patients from the BN-AN group who had a normal body mass index (BMI range in this group, 20.1-23.4 kg/m2; n = 23); the second group consisted of 23 patients from the BN-nonAN group in the same BMI range. In both phases unpaired sample t tests were performed for statistical analysis. More than 40% of the bulimic patients with a history of AN had a BMI less than 20. They had a lower percentage of body fat, low...Continue Reading

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