DOI: 10.1101/453555Oct 26, 2018Paper

HLA*PRG:LA - HLA typing from linearly projected graph alignments

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Alexander T DiltheyAdam M Phillippy


Summary: HLA*PRG:LA implements a new graph alignment model for HLA type inference, based on the projection of linear alignments onto a variation graph. It enables accurate HLA type inference from whole-genome (99% accuracy) and whole-exome (93% accuracy) Illumina data; from long-read Oxford Nanopore and Pacific Biosciences data (98% accuracy for whole-genome and targeted data); and from genome assemblies. Computational requirements for a typical sample vary between 0.7 and 14 CPU hours per sample. Availability and Implementation: HLA*PRG:LA is implemented in C++ and Perl and freely available from (GPL v3). Contact: Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available online.

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