DOI: 10.1101/453753Oct 25, 2018Paper

Homeostatic plasticity rules control the wiring of axo-axonic synapses at the axon initial segment

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Alejandro Pan-VazquezJuan Burrone


The activity-dependent rules that govern the wiring of GABAergic interneurons are not well understood. Chandelier cells (ChCs), a GABAergic interneuron, control pyramidal cell output through axo-axonic synapses that target the axon initial segment. In vivo imaging of ChCs during development uncovered a narrow window (P12-P18) over which axons arborized and formed connections. We found that increases in the activity of either pyramidal cells or individual ChCs during this temporal window results in a reversible decrease in axo-axonic connections, at a time when they are depolarising. Identical manipulations of network activity in older mice (P40-P46), when ChC synapses are inhibitory, resulted in an increase in axo-axonic synapses. We propose that the direction of ChC plasticity follows homeostatic rules that depend on the polarity of axo-axonic synapses.

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